In-Clinic Self-Test: Premium Day 2 & 8 Return from Travel Test

PRICE FROM £95.00 - £169.00

Please enter the date you will arrive in England in DD/MM/YYYY format (we cannot process your order without this information).
Please enter the full name and passport number for all travellers on the booking

Day 2 & 8 Test: In-Clinic Appointment, No Kit Delivery Required

  • Day 2 Tests for arrivals from Green List Countries and for fully vaccinated arrivals from Amber List Countries
  • Day 2 and 8 Tests for un-vaccinated arrivals from Amber List Countries
  • Not a Fit to Fly Test
  • Self-Swab in Clinic - Results within 24 Hours
  • No Need to Have a Kit Delivered 

We are pleased to be able to offer a Self-Swab Day 2 & 8 Tests with 24 hour Results Turn-Around at a special price of £95/£169 in our Marylebone clinic. 

Simply book a time-slot for your Day 2 at our clinic, come along on the day and take a test on site; no need to have a test delivered. We will arrange when is convenient for you to come in for your day 8 test at your appointment

Please note, this is not a Fit to Fly test and no Fit to Fly Certificate will be issued. If you require a pre-travel test please visit this page.

You can also choose to collect your kit from the clinic in advance (for example, at your pre-travel test appointment), take the swab at your convenience and drop the sample off to the clinic: please click here to book this option instead. You can also order a postal kit.

Full details of quarantine/self-isolation requirements for various countries can be found on the website. More details about Test to Release can be found here.

If you are planning to come to the clinic and take your swab on site on Day 2 of your quarantine but you develop symptoms beforehand, please do not come to the clinic. Please contact us to arrange urgent delivery of a test kit.

Please note that for any of our Clinic or Home Test bookings, proof of identity is required prior to having your sample taken. This can be an ID Card, Passport, Drivers License or Residents Permit. If you are having a Fit to Fly test, please bring your passport. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you if you do not have any legal identification on you when coming for your appointment.

Currently, anyone arriving into England from a Green List Country is currently required to take a Day 2 Test. You also only need to take a Day 2 Test if you are fully vaccinated and arriving from an Amber list country.

If you have not had both vaccinations and you're arriving from an Amber list country, you should take a Day 2 & 8 Test and quarantine for 10 days. You have the option to take an additional test on Day 5 of your quarantine, called a Test to Release.

After July 19th, arrivals who have been double vaccinated and are coming from an Amber List destination will also only require a Day 2 Test. You can learn more about the changes to quarantine here.

The testing kit comes complete with full instructions and all the instruments necessary for performing the swab yourself and trained medical staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Please do not arrive early for your appointment as we need to manage patient flow through the clinic. 

If you would like to collect your kit in advance (for example, when you come in for your Fit to Fly tests) and take and drop-off your sample on Day 2 at your convenience, please click here to book a collection kit.

  • Nothing can go in the mouth for at least 2 hours prior to testing, this includes: food, drinks, cigarettes, chewing gum, etc.
  • Mouthwash not to be used for 24 hours.
  • Nothing can go in the nose for at least 24 hours prior to testing, this includes: nasal medication, saline, hay fever sprays, cotton buds, etc.

All of the above can inhibit the sample and mean they it needs to be retested or may not enable a conclusive result to be delivered.