From early on in the Covid-19 pandemic, Private Harley Street Clinic has been at the forefront of providers offering private patients and companies fast, safe and accurate testing solutions, designed to keep you informed and compliant with government guidelines. Led by Dr. Mark Ali, who founded the private practice in 2009, the clinic is proud to offer a range of testing solutions, procured and administered by qualified medical professionals in a clinic or residential setting. Learn more about the different kinds of tests available and decide which one could be right for you.

Covid Test Picture

Also known as an Antigen test, this test detects the presence of viral RNA. It aims to answer: do I have the virus now? This requires taking a swab from the throat and nose and then analysing the specimen in the lab using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This test is used both to diagnose infection in people with symptoms, check to see if an infection has cleared or to screen asymptomatic individuals to see if they show evidence of carrying the virus. Learn more about the different types of tests and how they work here. To find out more about the ordering options available for this test, visit this page.

T cell test picture

Antibody and T Cell tests both look for evidence of the immune response to covid-19. They aim to answer the question: have I been exposed to COVID-19 and produced an immune response? T cells and antibodies are two arms of the adaptive immune response and each can provide different information about disease activity. Learn more about antibody testing and T Cell testing and follow this link for booking and pricing options.