Which Countries are Accepting Rapid Antigen Tests for Entry from the UK?

Find out which countries are currently accepting 'Fit to Fly' Rapid Antigen (Lateral Flow) Tests for entry from the UK in this blog.

While many international travel destinations require a negative PCR test in order to travel abroad, some countries are accepting a negative Rapid Antigen Test for entry into the country - providing all other conditions and stipulations are met. Some of the destinations below, for example, are not currently accepting travellers from the UK unless they are residents of the destination country or they have a work related or emergency reason. Others may require a lateral flow test to be done in person or under supervision rather than self-testing.

Please note: while we endeavour to keep our travel advice updated at all times, the rapidly changing situation means entry requirements can change very quickly. If your destination of choice is listed below, please click to follow the link to the Gov.uk website in order to check the testing requirements have not changed.

Below is a list of countries currently allowing Rapid Test results to enter the country from the UK (provided all other conditions are met):

Can I Buy a Lateral Flow Test Kit with Video Verification for 'Fit to Fly' to the USA?

Yes, from 8th November 2021 passengers from the UK are once again allowed to enter the USA and can take either an in-clinic Rapid Antigen Test (£35) or order a Home-Testing Kit with Live Video Verification (£35 + p&p), provided they meet all the other criteria listed on the US Government website regarding eligibility to travel. While many destinations accept photo verification self-test Lateral Flow Tests for entry, the US currently requires an enhanced level of verification, and Private Harleys Street Clinic is pleased to offer a postal kit and online video call for just £35 + p&p.

Please note: The testing kit and procedure provided as part of this service are suitable for entry into the USA only for passengers who meet all other suitability criteria. Please carefully check the entry requirements on the US Government website, paying particular attention to the testing time-frames for vaccinated and non-vaccinated travellers (these are different), testing for children, and who is and is not considered to be fully vaccinated, to ensure that you are definitely eligible to travel.

Can I still Use a Lateral Flow Test for Day 2 Tests?

Not currently. The UK Government announced on November 27th that Day 2 testing for fully-vaccinated arrivals from Non-Red List Countries will go back to PCR tests for the time being, due to a new variant of concern.

Can I Book a New Day 2 Lateral Flow Test in a London Clinic?

Not currently; even if you are fully-vaccinated, all arrivals from non-red list countries who were previously able to take a Lateral Flow Test, will now be required to take a PCR test up to Day 2 after their arrival, and self-isolate until they receive confirmation of a negative result.

Which Countries are on the New UK Red List?

Due to the new variant of concern, the UK Government has announced a new UK Red List.

The new UK red list is currently:
- South Africa
- Botswana
- Eswatini
- Lesotho
- Namibia
- Zimbabwe

Can I Use an NHS Rapid Antigen Test to Travel to the USA, and other destinations?

No, free NHS Rapid Tests cannot be used for international travel. You should book a Private Rapid Antigen Test in order to get a 'Fit to Fly Certificate'. Private Harley Street Clinic is a Government listed testing partner and offer walk-in appointments with no booking necessary. Results are available in 30 minutes. 

Can I take a Rapid Antigen Test Away with Me?

Yes, you can purchase a travel testing kit and verify the result online. MY TRAVEL TEST is a £24 complete at-home COVID Testing Kit and Online Verification service designed to get you tested and certified as testing negative in under 30 minutes; whether you need an at-home Fit to Fly Test or a Pre-Departure Test Kit to take abroad.. 

Can I put a Rapid Antigen Test in my Hand Luggage?

We recommend putting your Rapid Antigen Test in your checked baggage - but if you're only taking hand luggage with you, we advise that you open your testing package before passing through security, remove the small liquid vial and place it in your clear plastic bag as part of your liquids allowance, to ensure you don't experience delays at security.